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Fast food and bakeries

Eating house “Sač -Slatko ćoše”

Eating house “Sač – Slatko ćoše” is located next to the old bridge.

Here you can eat: grilled dishes, meals and pies, sandwiches.

Eating house is open from seven in the morning until ten o’clock at night

Telephone number: +387 (0) 65-082-092, +381 (0) 65-440-33-88


Quality rolls, meat pie, various kinds of pies, homemade bread, mini corn bread, cakes and pastries are just some of the products made in Zvornik’s bakeries.

“Anđela,” “Dijana,” “Stari most”, “Grujić”

Fast Food

For fast food fans there are several fast food facilities.

“Njamb I”, “II Njamb”, “Neco”, “Pera zdera”, “Miki”

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