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People and bridges

Type: cultural-entertaining event (with an official part of the meeting)

Brief description: The event “People and bridges” is held within the biggest manifestation of Zvornik, i.e. Zvornik’s summer. Within this one-day event, authorities of municipalities Zvornik and Mali Zvornik meet at noon on the old iron bridge. During this event, representatives from Zvornik and Mali Zvornik present their cultural creativity and promote touristic values in their municipality. Within the event, painting workshop Paleta organizes art colony on the bridge. Members of Paleta paint on the screen 12m long in aquarelle technique and the theme is Zvornik. Passers-by can also join the painting, which is a symbolic way of promoting importance of the bridge which connects people on both sides of Drina river through ages.

Significance: The event is a symbolic way of showing the inseparable connection between these two towns; it emphasizes the importance of the bridge and the need to renovate and reconstruct it as soon as possible.

Participants: Municipalities’ management, touris organizations in both towns, cultural-artistic clubs, painting workshop “Paleta“, citizens of Zvornik and Mali Zvornik

Date, time and place: One day from 2nd to 8th August, 12 o’clock, King Aleksandar Karađorđević’s Bridge

Tradition: The event was first held 2010.

Sponsor-organizer: Tourist Organization of Zvornik, the Municipality of Zvornik, the Municipality of Mali Zvornik

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