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Monastery Lovnica

Monastery Lovnica is 2km away from Šekovići, at the spring of small river Lovnica. According to a story the monastery was endowed by King Dragutin Nemanjić and is built on the site where King “was hunting hunt” and which impressed him by its beauty. According to another story, the church amazingly relocated itself, as first spotted by hunters which they showed to builders. The first written records mentioning monastery Lovnica date from the second half of 16th century. Because of preserved frescoes which are the work of a monk Longin, monastery Lovnica is one of the most important cultural buildings of that era, not only in BH. Lovnica’s iconostasis from 16th century is also valuable. The church is built of quarry stone and portals of carved stone. It is similar to churches in Gomionica, Rmanj, Krka and Krupa. The access road to the church is asphalted.

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