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Museum collection

Museum collection is set in an architecturally valuable building Kasina which holds about 2,000 exhibits that help visitors to reconstruct the interesting history of this area (from prehistoric times to modern era). The museum has departments of nature, archaeology, history and ethnology. In the nature department there are precious exhibits of which the oldest is Pinna Nobilis or noble pen, the shell from Devonian period, so it is between 405 and 345 millions of years old. In the archaeological section, visitors can see exhibits from prehistoric time which are indicators of life in this area, and in the ethnology department there are items which accurately show the way of living in these areas. The museum collection is open every day from 7 to 19 and the entrance is free of charge.

In front of Kasina, there is a mini lapidarium with several exposed monuments from geological prehistory, the Roman period and tombstones from the Middle Ages. It is convenient for tourists that on the mentioned plateau is a decorated summer theater and Tourist info center where tourists can get all the necessary information, as well as a souvenir shop where they can get something to remind them on visit to Zvornik. Plateau is suitable for reception of organized tourist groups.

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