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Sailing on lake

Zvorničko jezero pruža brojne mogućnosti za sportove na vodi. Posjetioci tokom boravka na jezeru mogu voziti kajak, kanu, motorne i narodne čamce, gliser ili se oprobati u skijanju na vodi.

Zvornik Lake offers many opportunities for water sports. During their stay at the lake, visitors can go kayaking, canoeing, rent a motor boat and a speed boat, or try out water skiing.

Price list for the mentioned activities:

– Kayaking – from 5 to 10 BAM per hour;
– Canoeing – 10 BAM per hour;
– National boat – cruising the lake to 20 BAM per hour;
– Speedboat – 100 BAM per hour (3 people + driver), banana boat 100 BAM per hour.
Services are provided by Kayak-Canoe Rafting Club “Drina” Zvornik. More information on telephone numbers: +387 (0) 61 365 986, +387 (0) 56 210 405

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