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Zvornik’s summer

Type: The biggest seven-day cultural- entertaining event

Brief description: A series of cultural events: book fair, photo exhibition, mini-marathon, handicrafts exhibition, art colony, masquerade, rafting, Zvornik’s cauldron, performances of famous musicians, actors, writers, etc.. It ends up by celebrating baptismal patron saint of the town of Zvornik, Saint Petka Trnova and adequate religious program

Sponsor-organizer: The Municipality of Zvornik

Participants: Celebrities, actors, singers, writers, as well as our citizens, children, fishermen, fans of rafting, many creators from Zvornik

Date, time and place: From 2nd to 8th August, town beach and other locations in town, park, Public library, Kasina, the main street of Sv. Sava

Tradition: from 2001 and brings together a large number of visitors, 30,000-40,000 visitors.

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