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Mali Zvornik

Mali Zvornik is a town “opposite” to Zvornik on the other side of river Drina. The most important cultural and historical attraction of Mali Zvornik, that must be seen, is Underground Town, which was a shelter for Karađorđević family. When you go from Zvornik, you need to cross the pedestrian bridge and you will reach the entrance to an underground labyrinth. Inside of a hill was built an underground town which consists of a labyrinth of chambers excavated in rock for the king’s wartime command post and longer stay of a big number of people. The entire town was built according to King Aleksandar I Karađorđević’s orders. The construction started in 1931 and lasted until assassination of King Aleksandar in Marseilles in 1934. This place was used only once, in April 1941 when young Petar II Karađorđević spent his last night in Serbia in this unfinished shelter, before going into exile. Along about 1.5km long corridor there are rooms, bedrooms, halls, an office, and a ballroom. The underground rooms are generally not cold; the temperature is from 14 to 16 degrees and there is very little moisture. It is still being explored what is there in seventy rooms, but for now it is known that the tunnels were excavated in the shape of the Holy Cross, and that remains of a chapel, altar area and royal fountain are found in this labyrinth.

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