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Zvornik area is rich in nature and terrains suitable for hiking, mountain biking and paragliding.

Although paths are not fully marked, it is possible to hike in Zvornik, and professional people from Mountaineering environmental association “Korak” or Hiking Association “Mladost” can help you do that.

Contact information:

– Mountaineering environmental association “Korak”, telephone number: +387 (0) 65 736 868; +381 64 463 86 25

e-mail: peukorak@gmail.com

FB profile: www.facebook.com/PEUKorakZvornik; web:www.peukorak.org

– Hiking Association “Mladost”, telephone number: +387 (0) 65 845 160

Note: photos are made by members of Mountaineering environmental association “Korak”.

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