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Drina river

Drina river is formed by two smaller rivers, Piva and Tara, which merge at Šćepan field. Length of Drina river from the spring in Šćepan field to where it flows into the Sava River (near Sremska Rača) is 346 kilometers. The Drina is one of the fastest rivers in the Balkans. Water is cold, clear and greenish. Width of the river varies; downstream from Zvornik is 2-4km wide and the riverbed is up to 300 meters wide. Average depth of the Drina is 3m, and maximum is 12m. Its average flow is 370 m3/sec. In the lower course, the Drina deposited large amounts of sand and gravel and created many aits (around which it bifurcates), shoals, shallows, meanders and curves (“THE CURVED DRINA”, orig. “KRIVA DRINA”  ). The Drina is famous for rafting, but is quite unsuitable for sailing. The river is very rich in hydropower, because it has an output of 15.3 billion kWh.
The Drina’s length through the territory of the municipality of Zvornik is 53 kilometers. Tributaries that flow into Drina river in the municipality of Zvornik are: Drinjača , Kamenica, Jošanička river, Zlatica, Hoča, Sapna, Tabanačka river, Kozlučka river, Jasenička river, Lokanjska river, Pilička river.

Drina River with its cool, clear, translucent and greenish water is suitable for leisure and various water sports, rafting or sport fishing. Because of its clear and green water, they also called it Zelenika (Green), and this river is very rich in fish (trout, catfish, pike, huchen, barbel…) and provides true atmosphere for all the anglers. Next to the Drina there are a maintained pedestrian zone and a public beach, facilities for beach volleyball and football. On the river or on its bank, many events such as Zvornik regatta or Zvornik’s major event, “Zvornik’s Summer” are organized.

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