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The Drinjača River

Drinjača  is the left tributary of the Drina, with a spring under mountain Konjuh and is 77 kilometers long, and its main tributaries are Jadar and Tišća. It has crystal clear water. Along the river flow there are forest slopes and many springs in the valley, and one of them is thermal so-called “Banjica” spring near village of Glodi. In the fertile valley of the Drinjača  river, in the village Rašev at the foot of Udrč hill, 15 kilometers from Zvornik there are four springs of thermal water. Water temperature in the coldest one has never fallen below 20C and in the warmest one below 25C. Having in mind that there are not any potential environment polluters, area along Drinjača river is perfect for hiking and recreational tourism, and its richness with various fish species is the basis for sport fishing.

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