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Vuk’s Tršić

Vuk’s Tršić is only 9km southeast from Loznica. It is birthplace of a great educator and man who left his mark on Serbian literature and culture, Vuk Stefanović Karadžić. There is an ethnographic park with a memorial house and several buildings traditionally constructed in the village. Whole ethno park is situated in the picturesque valley of small river Žeravije. In the central part of this specific ethnographic memorial park is Vuk’s house, which is actually rebuilt house of family cooperative with a croft, as it was common in 19th century. This kind of outdoor museum consists of houses, wooden cabins, dairies, gazebos, barns, mills, a church etc., that is all the buildings that once formed an old Serbian household. In these facilities today are: Dositej’s museum, Museum exhibition of Vuk’s Fairs, Memorial home for the village teacher, a gallery, a guest house, log cabin church of St. Archangel Michael (orig. Sv. Arhangela Mihaila), wooden cabins in which old crafts are presented. We recommend Vuk’s Tršić to all fans of culture and traditional folk architecture.

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