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Ethno village Stanišići

Ethno village “Stanišići” is 3km away from Bijeljina towards Pavlović bridge. Ethno village “Stanišići” was built in 2003, as an authentic mountain village with old houses and objects that keep the idea of life and culture from the late 19th and beginning of 20th century. The village consists of two parts. One presents secular life and is built of wood. It consists of wooden houses – log cabins with furniture that belonged to them for centuries. Houses are linked by paved stone paths and in the center of the village are two lakes. The second part has spiritual character and is presented by medieval architecture work built in stone, which is in fact a set of replicas of historical and religious significance. Ethno village “Stanišići” is about 50 km away from Zvornik and the perfect place for a day trip for nature lovers. Moreover, food and drink are excellent in restaurants in this complex.

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