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Legends of the damned Jerina

Zvornik and its fortress are a true treasure-house full of myths and legends, but also have rich history. Do not miss to become “familiar” with numerous legends of the Damned Jerina and see the places which in a very colorful way evoke an impression that the legend of Jerina is real and that she is still there in front of you “explaining” why her names “Damned” and ” Beautiful” Jerina equally fit her. So, do not miss to walk along Jerina’s trails of passion and stone, trails which lead to the medieval fortress Đurađ’s town, because it is really a unique experience to visit the fort and its old but well-preserved walls which “talk” important stories from history interwoven by “whispers” of mystical legends.

Building of Zvornik’s old fortress is associated with the Damned Jerina, a wife of Serbian despot Đurađ Branković. Legend says that Jerina, while buliding the town of Zvornik, ordered bringing the stone for building from the mine pit near the village of Vilćevića in hill Rudnik (12km of air-line west from Zvornik) and the stone was transported from hand to hand, and was heated to be passed on as quickly as possible. According to this legend, a pedestrian trail leading from town center through village of Bair to the fortress was named “Jerina’s stone path.” “Jerina’s trail of passion” is the trail which leads from the town gate to the fort, and was named after the legend of the beautiful and insatiable mistress Jerina who seduced young heroes from her escort crew, and if you take the path, you’ll come across The Great Tower (the oldest part of the fort complex) where, according to the legend, Jerina threw her lovers in order not to reveal the secrets of her nightlife.

There is a story about Jerina’s cruelty which says that she poisoned her own sister because she built her own town opposite to Zvornik, on the site where today is Hydropower plant, and which was more beautiful than Zvornik. Envious Jerina invited her sister to visit her, killed her using poison and took her town. There are stories which say that every day Jerina required her court food only the hearts of horned cattle what caused great dissatisfaction among the people. We could tell stories of doomed Jerina forever, and those were passed from generation to generation throughout centuries…

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