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Monastery Papraća

Monastery Papraća is located in the village Papraća on the road from Zvornik to Šekovići. Through monastery yard flows river Spreča’s spring, and nearby mountain Borogovo gives the monastery a special beauty. According to a local story the monastery was built by king Dragutin and his sons, and according to the others, the monastery was an endowment of prefect Vukan who originally built it as a symbol of atonement because he intended to change the religion. In an epic poem monastery is mentioned as an endowment of Stefan Nemanja, and a story about four sisters of Serbian “emperor Šćepan” tells that each of them built one church (in Tavna, Papraći, Lovnica and village Cikota). Church of monastery Papraća is the largest church in Bosnia and Herzegovina and is the architectural masterpiece of the Morava school. With its trefoil base it is similar to famous monasteries in Serbia – Manasija, Ravanica, Ljubostinja.

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