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Andraš’s villa

The building was built in 1913 according to an Austro-Hungarian technician’s design, a construction entrepreneur Skibor Andrija. The object is located on a rocky slope and on the east facade it has six feet deep bases. It was afterwards placed on the ground, so that each floor has an entrance from the street. Inside the building are interesting pieces of carpentry and ironware. The value of the building is in its good views to town center. This building is completely devastated today and because of unresolved property issues it is hard to do anything about restoration.

In town center there is a monument – memorial ensemble dedicated to 40 killed soldiers in the National Liberation War, as well as a monument for killed soldiers in the latest Homeland War. There is also the tomb of a national hero Filip Kljajić Fićo, a commissar of the First Proletarian Division. Hiss bronze figure in actual size (work of Vladeta Petrić, a sculptor from Belgrade) is placed in a park in front of hotel “Drina”.

Pasha’s tower in Pilići
A very representative building from Turkish period is Pasha’s tower located in Pilici on the way to the village of Bare. Pasha’s tower was made of carved stone in 16th century (assumed to have been built between 1540 and 1550). Near Pasha’s house there is Pasha’s fountain that is very close to the tower and today is called The Upper fountain.

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