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Painting workshop Paleta

The workshop was founded in 2003 with an aim to affirm artistic and cultural creativity of Zvornik. Its founder is a painter and pedagogue  Jovo Lalić, who used his work and many years of experience in the field of painting to focus on young talents. Painting workshop “Paleta” is specific because its doors are open to her students every day for two hours during 10 months (from September to July), and during that period about 100 paintings and 500 drawings are created. Some of those pieces of art are permanently exhibited in the museum in Zvornik, and the rest of it the young people use to represent “Paleta” in BH and abroad.
Painting workshop participants individually received awards for their work, acknowledgments, diplomas and charters, and the major awards are the first and second place in the Art colony “Koraci” (”Steps”) which was attended by 30 young people. The colony was organized in collaboration with Ministry of Education and Culture of RS and Academy of Art of University in Banja Luka.
One painting workshop’s female member won the first place in BH and has gained the right to represent the country at the international exhibition “Danube Days” in Budapest, where 13 European countries took part.
Every year “Paleta” participates in art colonies such as Zvornik’s summer (orig. Zvorničko ljeto), Banja Vrućica – Teslić, Šamac’s cultural autumn (orig. Šamačka kulturna jesen), and regularly collaborate with the gallery “Koraci” at Ministry of Education and Culture of RS.

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