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Medieval tombstones

In the area of Zvornik, 56 necropoles with about 850 tombstones are recorded and they are found in various locations around the municipality of Zvornik (Kozjak, Skočić …), and three of them have inscriptions on and 44 embossed ornaments. It is especially valuable because right there in the area of Zvornik, in the valley of Hoča, a special style of decorating tombstones was created. Namely, for this carving school is characteristic a tower in the form of a medieval sword, and a relief is with vines in the form of volutes with bunches. On tombstones with inscriptions was used the old version of Cyrillic alphabet, Bosnian Cyrillic. How much are these tombstones valuable cultural monuments proves the fact that during the drafting of the project “Nomination of tombstones – medieval gravestones for the UNESCO World Heritage List,” and  according to UNESCO, four countries, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Croatia and Montenegro will participate.

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